There are 4 criteria important to our relocation and local buyer pool


“Turn-Key” condition homes are the most desirable for buyers who may not want to complete projects or desire a quick closing.


A home may be on standby with different timeline goals. We try to make homes available for people between 30-60 days, if possible.


The economy around the subject property should be growing approxitmately 2% per year.


The largest selling point to any home is the price. We want to ensure our buyer that asking price is based on the properties features and market conditions.

We preview and evaluate property in advance of a buyer viewing as many in our “Buyer Pool” have short deadlines to make a purchase decision.

Our analysis is a four step process

Gather data on the property and marketplace

View the property and competition

Review with company analyst to determine market value and if we have a buyer match

Conference call with the Analyst and Home Seller

As a buyer, do you want more inventory choices?

As a home seller, do you want to include your home in our Standby Network™?  The maximum fee would be 2.25%. There is no listing agreement. 

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